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Dear Ernest, I would like to thank you for having the opportunity to participate on your Congress. It was fantastic, perfectly organised and I have a lot of ideas for combination tours now. I have a client from Sri Lanka, who is very interested in getting the proposal of the programme Prague + Olomouc + Krakow. Once I get more details, I will surely let you know with sending some request. Again, thank you, Take care, Best regards, Radka

Eva Mestanova

Dear Ernest, Once again thank you for the nice welcome and perfect organisation. IT was great event. I was in Krakow many times in late 80ties and beginning of 90ties, but I was now really impressed. I became even bigger fan of the city then before. And pls feel free to contact me anytime if you need anything in PRG, even if just some advice or help – with pleasure ! Eva Mestanova

Günther Simmermacher

Dear Ernesto, Thank you for a perfectly organised fam-trip. It was really helpful, with superb guides. The trip was also a great networking opportunity, with some good ideas being exchanged between the various professionals. We will definitely get in touch about a pilgrimage in 2025. Apart from being a director in Fowler Tours (responsible for itineraries), I'm also the editor of the national Catholic magazine in South Africa. I will write about Krakow in an upcoming issue, probably April or May, to link the article to the death or birth anniversary of St Jan Pawel II. I'll remember to send you a digital copy of it. With best wishes Günther Simmermacher Editor The Southern Cross Southern Africa's Catholic Monthly Magazine

Rebecca Stoker

Dear Ernest, Thank you so much for your hospitality during last week's Fam Trip.  Everything was wonderful and it was incredibly helpful to be able to see the distances between sites, the layout of the sites themselves, and the general flow of the itinerary in and around Krakow.  I hope to get a chance to work with you in the future on Poland groups. Best regards, Rebecca Stoker Travel Account Manager

Catherine Swan

Hi Ernest, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the FAM.  You shared so much with us and I am definitely going to let everyone know how wonderful the trip is to Poland.  There was not one glimmer of the conflict in Ukraine and I am kicking myself for canceling the tour.  People were just afraid, I believe.  I will now be able to let them know there is nothing to fear. I am going to be in touch shortly to see if we can have you handle a Barcelona overnight tour following a cruise. Thank you again, Catherine Swan

Antonio Barros

Hi Ernesto, Thank you for the invoice. Yes,  I really enjoyed meeting you understanding a lot better what you do and how you operate. It was really worthwhile. I have a request for Krakow that has just come in and I will forward it to you as soon as I finalise details. Best regards Antonio Barros


Dear Mr Ernest, I’ve received your invoice very well. We’ll do the payment immediatly. I likte to thank you for the very good stay with program in Krakau. It helps to sell it at our clients. I hope to have more groups for your company. With kind regards Francine


Dear Mr. Ernest, I'm fine, now I'm in Berlin will back soon. This fam trip was great.  Thank you for your hospitality.  Hope we will keep in touch Have a nice day. Nida

Sharon Withouck

Dear Ernest,  I realised that this email was still stuck in concepts since 6/11. Yes I arrived home late last night. I am still sick, going to the doctor today.  Thank you for being flexible.  The fam trip was fun, nice hotel, nice group and it was nice to see Krakau. I was kind of surprised how big the business is around pilgrim trips, as I am not really religious myself.  We have a department in Omnia that does trips like that, so I will definitely share the information with them.  To be honest I think it's going to be hard to work together for school trips.  The schools usually have a very low budget, so they often request hostels.  The way we work at Omnia Travel Schooltrips is: we offer them a price for transportation + accommodation. If they agree to that offer and book with us,  thén we work out the complete program and they can decide to book extra activities if they want to. A lot of schools organize their own activities because a lot of the teachers already know the country/city. So what I usually do is offer them both, I offer them the price of transportation + accommodation only - and I also offer them your complete all-in concept. Once they receive our offer they can choose which option they prefer and we have to wait for the school to decide.  I do understand why you don't offer hostels and personally I think your price is very reasonable for all that you get.  But so far no school has booked yet. I will keep offering them both though. I will give you contact information and the flyer to the other department within our company.  Kind regards,  Sharon Withouck